Rites of Passage

Rites of Passage was developed in response to the unique needs of young black males. Many of them face the challenges of personal safety, negotiating family life, disengagement, truancy and attraction to gangs.

With these in mind the Rites of Passage program evolved creating an alternate curriculum that would give its participants social and survival skills and the strategies they need to become successful members of their school and the society at large.


Writer’s Guide

A comprehensive guide for Aspiring Writers that are looking for a comprehensive guide to writing their next book


Imagine your voice is no longer silenced but freed through the expressions you created and shared with the world.

Your story is no longer an imagination or a memory but a recognition that starting over is NOT impossible. Imagine all that you have always wanted to say was only waiting to be released.

Get Published

Here’s The SLAPP

A Comprehensive Guide to Writing your Story.

In this program we get you started towards getting published. Our Program takes you through Starting your Manuscript, then you allowing us to Review. The key point then is creating Accountability sessions with the intention to drive you towards publishing and promoting your book.

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Learn to write your story

Xpressions Coaching

We offer one-on-one and group sessions. Our one-on-one sessions is primarily targeted to partner with individuals on their journey towards publishing.  Sign up for a free 30-minute consultation. 

In our group sessions we offer two styles of workshops. There is our:

  1. Xpression Inner Voice Writing Program 
  2. Xpression Authoring Program

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    10 Week Journey to Getting Published!

Xpression is a coaching service that caters for individuals and or groups; a practical, hands-on course that teaches them the essentials in writing their books.

​This is a 10 week program that from day one get’s the individuals started on their book.

Each week, we will uncover the powerful tools to take you to the point, where you can create your first or next book.

This is an unraveling program where you will learn 6 key skills and immediately apply them to boost your confidence and write that book.

If you are looking to get that book and series of pieces going this session is for you.

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the David Solomon Writers

David Solomon Writers

A co-founding member and key mentoring partner shaping writers by giving them the tools and confidence to realize their individual purpose.

We help form the foundation of the group and provide continued guidance by coming alongside the team to write and share. Stop by and say hello to the team at

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