About Us

Our Foundation

You know it is so easy to say life is not fair. To see life as an obstacle. To live in a state of fear.  Well what we do is start a conversation around what is possible to create a new vision.
In fact, I am the subject of that approach. I saw life as being unfair.  I could only see obstacles and my every day was driven by fear. Then I realized I could no longer live this way.
I learnt how to regain my voice through the words I wrote and those that came from my inner thoughts. My writing helped me to move from that dark space into a lighted placed.

Our Mission

Stories are what shapes us over the years. As a child I recall listening to my parents share stories. I was also hungry to learn about the pass and how others did what they did. It is our belief that stories are that key ingredient that connect people.

We deliver this through the books we produce, the audio content we create and distribute, videos we create and broadcast, and apparel which resonate the message we seek to deliver.

Our Vision

We seek to inspire change, connect perspectives and share stories by bridging ideas around a conversation that enhances our awareness of ourselves and each other.