Laugh over your yesterday
Sing with joy,
For what God has to say
Is your finest ploy,
Cry in the midst
of the trial that comes your way,
Smile when the test
directs you to pray.

Hope in the one
who covers it all,
And know He is there
To answer your call,
For today is just
a moment that will be,
But God’s eternity
will be full and free.

Laugh over your yesterday
It is now gone,
God through His son Jesus
Provided the answer to the fall,
Step to the cross,
He awaits your hand,
For it is written
He has a master plan.

O. Stephen Peart. 2022 ©️ All rights reserved.


About this Poem
Which voice are you listening to? As I scrolled through the pages of Instagram, I saw a post by one of my friends on a walk and in their sharing. As they sang a song made up at the moment, they gave me this gem that got me flowing. “Laugh over your yesterday”, was a simple little statement, that got me thinking and here I am now writing. From one person to another, I share this piece to pass on what blessed me with the hope to also inspire you. So laugh over your yesterday.

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Written by : O Stephen Peart

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