I’ve been publishing my writings for more than 20 years. This morning I was in a moment of silence. I was in the zone. After completing my usual sprint from content creation to publication, I was ready to share.

One of the persons I shared my latest content with was my mom. In her response, she encouraged me to keep sharing as I never know whose life I might be touching. At that moment, my immediate thought response was “my life”. The thought came to me and grabbed my attention.

I write from my heart. My words come from a place deep inside. It is therefore my honor to share and pour out what has been placed within me.

One thing I ask. My words are freely given but they are not free. They come with years of passing through pain, seeking and finding refuge, and not fame. Courage to overcome addiction, conviction to find purpose and beyond restriction. They are my living and a blessing for me to be giving.

If you want to find real living, please share and pass this on to someone that might realize its value. Everything God has blessed us with is free but He paid a price for us to see. Never take anything for granted but in my words seek out a lesson. I am thrilled for you today and pray a new word in your life you will say.

Be blessed you are by no means less.

Here are a couple of pieces from today’s silence.

Have you ever been so silent you could hear Your heartbeat? Or so silent you could feel your feet? It is in these silent moments I get to write and pour out the words that come from inside. Enjoy a bit of scenery and poetry as I write.

feel the air.
feel the breeze.
lost in tranquility.
the mystery ease.
across the lines.
in distant eyes.
I hear the sound of a new sunrise.

Good morning Saturday. I am ready to rest and rejuvenate.
In the silent bliss, I seek to see what is in store for you and me.

O how I love the thoughts you bring,
And the songs I hear as the birds would sing.
In the midst of it all, I long to be free of your mystery.

Today I find a word to say,
thank you for the time to play.
To listen to your voice and feel
your noise which beacons my heart as it crafts its part.

There is no other way for this is the day
when I can call your name and be reminded of my claim.
At this very moment, I will be your present and pen
the words of my every essence,
to you, I will lend.

O. Stephen Peart. 2020 © All rights reserved.

My name is O Stephen and I get to help aspiring writers write with passion while finding their voice. My vision is to Inspire Change, Connect Perspectives, and Sharing Stories. Join me on releasedexpressions.com while we go Beyond Journeys.
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April is poetry month. It is also the time when spring begins to show its face. In recognition of this month, I’ve dropped a poetic piece on my podcast.

Silence is the opportunity to listen to your heartbeat and for a moment rest your feet. To hear the sounds that is often drowned by our activity and reignite the pull of our urge to defy gravity.

It is in these moments you will feel the true essence of the amazing wonder of God’s presents.

The gift in you is in that moment of silence.

Written by : O Stephen Peart

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