There is suffering all around us. It just takes one moment to stop and see what’s happening. We all at some point in our lives dream of changing the world. And then we seem to be changed by it.

I realize that the greatest world changer is through the life-giver. Christ came into the world not to be changed by the world but to be an example of the change for the world. He was a walking and living testimony that it is possible. Yet He was persecuted not for forcing people but for standing up for the truth.

As I reflect on that, I realize that standing requires a firm stance on what you believe. It also takes courage. It means you are not a pushover though you might be persecuted. Know that you are not alone because Christ paid for it all.

Suffer you might but the might is in recognizing the light that will shine beyond the current circumstances.

Christ’s actions changed the world. Your actions can change the world.

Your silence is not to suffer but to seek and share the stories found in those moments of solitude. Cherish every moment and patiently wait for that moment to pour into another soul.

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Written by : O Stephen Peart

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