With all the to-do lists, distractions, and busyness around us, how do you find value? What is important to you? Well, here are 8 things you can do in 8 days.

Day 1
what time is it
What Time Is It?
For everything there is a season and a time for every matter under heaven:
Ecclesiastes 3:1 ESV

Our desire to be in control or to take control is subjected to one and only one. YOU! We make every effort to control everything around us and that is just not possible. The only person that can do that is God. In His amazing design, He took that burden away from us so that we can focus on the one subject that He created.

Day 2
baby steps
Making Baby Steps
Getting to the end starts with taking one step. One step connected to another brings you through a flow to grow.

If you are wondering what next to do, take one step and do. For aspiring writers, here’s your take. #startwithaword
If you ever feel like it is too late for you, remember #startingoverisnotimpossible
Keep your focus on the end, while making your step. What is the end, the first step, and then the next?

Day 3
evaluate your circle
Evaluate your Circle
The attraction of your action is a function of your organization.

Who is in your circle? Who do you spend most of your time with? What do you give your time to do?

Today’s challenge is asking those questions. They will give insight into where you are, where you might be heading, and more importantly if you are in balance with your purpose.

Day 4
write your story
Olaudah Equiano
There is no captivity that can restrict you from your destiny. No past can rob you of your present.

“History is the stories told, not the attempt to hide them. The mysteries needed to be unfolded so that lessons are learned and not repeated”. – O. Stephen Peart

February is a month set aside to remind us that history is not devoid of all that has taken place and the contribution that our forefathers made. It is regrettable that there has to be a month called Black History to highlight the stories hidden from the pages of the books given to us. History should never be devoid of the truth. Otherwise, we will continue to repeat the lies we are told. Write your story.

Day 5
ask your question
Ask a Question
The human spirit thrives on connection, interaction and questions. Curiosity doesn’t always kill the cat. The lack of asking questions can limit that human spirit.

I have a question for you. I need your thoughts on this thought.
“Sometimes what you don’t know won’t hurt you. Often what you don’t know is what is keeping you from moving forward.”

Think about it, ask your question and note it, write it, share it.

Day 6
you have what you need
You have what you need
How often do you hear that voice saying, if only I have that then I will?
Shut it off for a moment and do an inventory of what you have.

There will be moments when we might feel overwhelmed. However, it is those moments you can take the time to take stock, do an inventory and see what it is that you have. In that inventory, identify the resources you have access to.

Day 7
appreciate and celebrate
Appreciate and Celebrate
How do you feel about yourself? What do you say to yourself every morning?
Ask the question and listen to the answer and work on adjusting as needed.

Today you are receiving a double portion. Today you are breaking free from all that has been holding you back and you are moving forward. Don’t stop. Keep moving. You are worth it all. After all, God didn’t just form you just for the fun of it. He did because He had a plan and purpose for you. You are uniquely and wonderfully made. Appreciate and celebrate.

Day 8
faith over fear
Faith over Fear
If someone knows what you need, would you trust them? If they were capable of guiding you through your day, would you listen? If they told you what you needed to do without an explanation, would you do it?

What if I told you there is someone like that, would you listen?
Our world reacts on the premise of fear. That fear-driven ideology drives us to create structures, construct systems and build walls. That fear is to control. Yet the question is, are we really in control?

Then there is faith. Recognition of a sovereign being. An intentional stand in what you believe. Interestingly, fear is a form of faith. Where is your faith directed?

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
Philippians 4:13

Please drop your comments below. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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