Are you ever trapped in your pain? Wondering how to get out? Is your pain the source of your entitlement? Or are you captivated by its enticement?

It is strange how as human beings we often wade in the pain of our past. We give it so much power to direct, distract and deliberate us. Why?

Well, I am not a psychologist or a doctor and not in a position to prescribe any medication. However, I am a writer and published author. I get to share my and other’s story. It is in those sharings I’ve come to realize there is one of many ways to release yourself of your pain and begin the journey to gain.

In today’s special, I wanted to reflect a bit on Black History Month.  What lessons have you been learning from the month of February?

“History is the stories told, not the attempt to hide them. The mysteries needed to be unfolded so that lessons are learned and not repeated”.
– O. Stephen Peart

February is recognized as Black History Month. A month that is set aside to remind us that history is not devoid of all that has taken place and the contribution that our forefathers made. It is regrettable that there has to be a month called Black History to highlight the stories hidden from the pages of the books given to us. History should never be devoid of the truth. Otherwise, we will continue to repeat the lies we are told.

Write Your Story
Break the chains that seek to bind you
through the words that truly define you
not by traces of words that deny you
but the story that describes you.

Write it out so others will see you
and not hear the lies that seek to hide you
but describe the truth that will free you
and tell your story that’s inside you.

O. Stephen Peart. 2022 ©️ All rights reserved.

About this Poem
The following piece was inspired by the life of Olaudah Equiano. A young boy born free, abducted from the land of his birth and transported across continents, stripped of his identity and called a slave. Yes through his struggle to stay alive, to live through the most brutal experience any human being is designed to endure, he eventually found his freedom and soon after wrote his story. His story represents the interconnected and intertwined stories of us all. From the oppressor to the oppressed, he writes to tell the story and its impact on us all. It is time for you to write your story.

In closing, I ask the question again. What have you learned in the month of February? What does history mean to you? Are you ready to tell your own story?

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Written by : O Stephen Peart

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