For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven:
Ecclesiastes 3:1 ESV

Our desire to be in control or to take control is subjected to one and only one. YOU!

We make every effort to control everything around us and that is just not possible. The only person that can do that is God. In His amazing design, He took that burden away from us so that we can focus on the one subject that He created. YOU!

From B (birth) to D (death) we really have no control over those two. Between that God gives us Time to C (Create, Cultivate, Contribute). It is time to bring YOU into the picture so you can C.

God gives each and every one of us something to work with. Now what he gave you to work with is not the same thing He gave me to work with. Yes, there might be slight cross overs but remember no two persons are exactly the same. We all are unique and different yet masterfully and wonderfully made. Therefore, it is incumbent on us to create from our unique point rather than trying to do the exact same as the other person. Or get into a mold where we are seeking to force others to be us.

I enjoy working in the garden. Whether it be indoors or outdoors. Just being around plants, nurturing, and watering them is just a joy. Then with all that work to see them grow is even more rewarding. Sometimes the plant will die and you have to start over again. However, I recognize that I do not have control over that individual outcome. What I do have control over is my outcome. What lesson did I learn? What can I do the next time? So while I am working on what I need to do, I recognize that I am cultivating within myself by using all that God has provided to grow.

Every lesson is one that needs to help us grow and for us to demonstrate and show. Now not to show off but to show what is possible and what is not. Life is a cycle. It keeps moving around. By virtue of you contributing to life, you too are fueling the cycle as it turns. Therefore keep giving.

What time is it? It is time to get up and be Counted. The last C between the B and the D. Time to focus on taking hold of what God has given you and what He has placed in your hand. As you become more acquainted with all that is in your hand, He will multiple that and expand it. God never gives you more than you can handle. He also never leaves you empty. So rather than reflect on what you don’t have and compare what you see with others, you just might be missing what is already within you.

It is time and the time is now, to set up, step out and walk through your God-given plan. Don’t look out but look in and allow the blessings you have been given to come out from within. On this day one of the 8 Day Can Do Challenge, get out there and Create, Cultivate, Contribute and at the end of the day, Stand and Be Counted.

My name is O Stephen and I get to help aspiring writers write with passion while finding their voice. Join me on while we go Beyond Journeys.

Written by : O Stephen Peart

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