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How to Simplify Your Goals

Have you ever had to write a SMART Goal

Was it smart? Or can I say, was it easy?

I’ve written a couple of SMART goals over the years but the way my brain works, just remembering what the acronym meant was challenging enough. As a quick refresher, here it is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-Bound.

l enjoy taking complex concepts and making them simple. As such, I went on a search to find something that would allow me to easily write out my goals.

Taking Action

Your journey to getting what you want is never a perfect one and Starting over is NOT Impossible.

On June 25, 2019, I kicked off my speech journey with my local Brampton Alpha Toastmasters. My icebreaker speech, The Journey of Starting Over, spoke to life and the multiple journeys of starting over.

From living in three (3) different countries, and the adjustments I had to make in those experiences, I started a new journey in solidifying my feet on the speech stage. This took me into completing nineteen (19) speech topics in over twenty (20) deliveries.

On June 15, 2021, I completed the journey in my Innovative Planning Pathway. When I completed Level two ( 2), a new reality kicked in for me. In the first couple of speeches before, it felt as if I was in a maze and not sure what I was doing. Then that fog was removed when I completed my Level 2. At that moment I realized the potential to complete my Pathway before the year was up.

Keep it Simple, Keep in step

It all started with me implementing my Objective Key Results (OKRs). A simple way to identify an objective and establish some measurable key results. This became my roadmap to getting to what I wanted.

I was intentional and wrote them out. In addition, I shared them with my club mentor. Two things are necessary to ensure you achieve your goal. Write out your goal and establish accountability.

Are you ready to step? I anticipate you too will be able to write your goal and set up accountability. For the best results, keep your Accountability to a small group. Two or three trusted individuals you know will regularly check in with you on how you are doing. Don’t forget your biggest Accountability partner is yourself. You need to hold yourself in check by committing to the work ahead.

I was on a move to getting through my Pathway but didn’t have a plan on how or when I would achieve this. I knew why I wanted to complete my path. It would be the first step towards achieving the coveted accomplishment of every Toastmaster, that of earning the Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) award. The question I asked myself was how would I achieve this?

I needed a simple way to help me stay focused. Thankfully, I discovered a system through the teaching of John Doerr in his book Measure What Matters. Without hesitation and in the true Toastmaster tradition, I delved into learning by doing, I started to implement what I had gleaned from the book. It was time for the application to my intention of becoming a DTM within 4 years.

Establish Your Goal

A goal is set for you to get into the game and play. You can only score if you stay in the game.

I wrote my first OKRs just before taking on the position of the President of the club.

 It was this step that allowed me to then make my next step. 

Here’s what I wrote:

Objective: To complete my Innovation Planning Pathway by December 2020.
– Complete a minimum of 1 assignment each month commencing in May 2020
– Spend 30 minutes every Monday preparing my speech
– Identify 3 areas of strength and 1 area of opportunity to focus on for my next pathway in December 2020

The neat thing about OKRs is that they are easily measurable. So, when December 2020 came, and I was not finished with my Pathway, I knew why. I also knew how I could make the adjustment and what next to do. Having the Key Results, helped me to quickly identify where my shortfall was.

I adjusted my objective to complete my Innovative Planning Pathway by June 2021. That was in sync in my mind, and I was committed to getting it done.

Stay in the Game

There are moments when you just might not meet your goal. In December 2020, I missed my goal. However, I didn’t ponder too long on why because through my OKRs, I was able to quickly see that. Therefore, I took action to update my OKRs, made the necessary steps to stay on course, keep them simple, and stayed in the game.

On the field, players will likely miss the goal more than they would score. However, do you give up? Not. Keep trying until you score your goal. Always keep in mind that you are continually adjusting your strategy to score. Get back in the game and let’s play.

I work with individuals who seek to find the gap in where they currently are and to cast the bridge to where they want to be.
I share my passion for words and I’m a creative specialist enthusiastic about producing content tailored to inspire change, connect perspectives, and sharing stories so that I help people be their natural best.

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