Many of us go through life searching for answers. Who am I? Why am I here? What can I do to make a difference? Do I offer value to others? If this is you, you are alive and have the opportunity to bring life to your world. So don’t give up if you don’t have the answer.

The questions I keep asking myself is who am I. Discovering the person that you see every day can be a danger as you just might forget that they are there. A brief moment looking into the mirror when soon enough you forget who you are. Is who you are the physical being that everyone sees or is it a lot deeper.

I’ve come to realize that often times if you don’t challenge yourself to understand who you really are, then others will attempt to make you into someone you are not. Take the time to figure it out, ask for help, have meaningful conversations.

I am a Sigma Male. Self-sufficient, strong, independent. I enjoy being alone but not lonely. A deep and independent thinker. Yes, I don’t like authority and did I say I am independent? Silence and the presence of it is a welcoming environment. I win by not playing. Now that’s me. How about you?

Getting to know you is significant. When you get there, your life changes as you begin to understand yourself at a deeper level.

Are you getting to know you? Let’s talk. I’d be happy to listen.

I work with individuals who seek to find the gap in where they currently are and to cast the bridge to where they want to be.
I share my passion for words and I’m a creative specialist enthusiastic about producing content tailored to inspire change, connect perspectives and sharing stories, so that I help people be their natural best.

Written by : O Stephen Peart

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  1. Nicola McFadden June 18, 2021 at 6:29 pm - Reply

    This blog appeals to me.
    I enjoy being alone but not lonely. This sounds like me. 

    I was having a virtual coffee with someone today, and he mentioned that he is shy, private, and prefers one-on-one interactions. This describes me as well.

    Every day, I engage in a self-discovery practice to become more self-aware and to feel my emotions.

    I believe I’m called to serve globally and leave a generational legacy, which goes against my natural desire to be alone or in a small, tightly knit community.

    I live well, love generously, and serve with humility.

    I am fearless and without bounds. I have a deep affection for God.

    In solitude with God, I renew and reset for Him to become my Solace.

    I am a thinker who values virtue, righteousness, and integrity.

    I choose to be single so that I can devote my full attention to my calling. Then, the right one will complement rather than compete with or interrupt my purpose at the appropriate moment.

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