Today I celebrate my 2nd Anniversary in Toastmasters.

I remember when I took the leap and visited Brampton Alpha Toastmasters on June 4, 2019. It was an invigorating experience that lead me to signing up on June 11, 2019. From that decision, I then took another leap as Secretary, on September 1, 2019. I served until June 30, 2020.

In the June 2020 club election, I was then elected as President by the club. This next step took me on a trajectory that I never imagined for.

I was able to lead the club by

  1. Achieving President Distinguished
  2. Mentoring two members on their Speech Pathway
  3. Sharing best practices with another club President
  4. Starting a new Club
  5. Preparing the next leaders for the club
  6. Driving our Educational Program where 80% of our members achieved Levels 2-5 on their Pathway
  7. Implemented a Measure what Matters approach to all the roles

This gave me the impetus to making the next leap. On February 9, 2021, I applied for the position of Area Director. On April 30, 2021, I had my interview with the District Director Elect and accepted this new appointment to service in the new District 123, Division B24.

The next leap is completing my first Educational Program in the Innovative Planning Pathway and moving into the Leadership Development Pathway. I also have some work to complete the Pathways Mentor Program and the ultimate to drive The Creative Writers Guild as a Chartered Club.

On this my second Anniversary, what intrigued me was the goal to earning Distinguished Toastmasters within 3 years. I heard stories of other members and their journey and the benefit of achieving this prestigious goal in the organization. I’d discovered a passion that gave me the desire to leap over my fears and to leap into action. One leap will lead to another, if you focus your attention on your goal.

In two years, I saw myself transforming from who I was to whom I am becoming. All from one decision and from one leap. In one year, I saw that leading by example weighs more in favour of the results we are looking for. The Learn by Doing was the place I wanted to be and in doing I saw the journey and pathway I was now taking.

Have you found something that intrigues you? Don’t be afraid, take the Leap. There will be a host of others there to catch you, and when they do, leap again but this time leap higher.

For every leap you make, here comes another. Keep leaping.

Written by : O Stephen Peart

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