The illusion of a drop point
as ceiling to floor the view enchanting
a pull to look down
blocked by the transparent barrier.
In the distant, the sunset said, “goodbye”
and there at my feet,
the bursting life of leaves ready to cleanse the air inside.

I dare not install a screen
for all I wanted was the sight reveal
open to see in the distant
as if traveling across the sky.

A flock of geese made their journey
to there resting place
and in sync from the natural light in the distance
to the spread of lights across the surface below.

There was the moon on purpose
reflecting so we all could see
finished by the distant sparkle of stars
preparing me to dream.
Looking out the window,
is all I long to do,
for many a day, or dreamless night
the image remains to play.

O. Stephen Peart. 2021 © All rights reserved

About this Poem
Having a space in the sky is a privileged that I was grateful to have afforded.  This piece is a recognition of that time and space to view the world from that frame. Recognizing your vantage point not just what you see but the experience on the edge.

Written by : O Stephen Peart

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