Words are the source of my existence
Life and death they bring
In every word I seek to make a difference
As in numbering the days I cling.
For what I say today will bring my tomorrow
And so I carefully trace
The essence of my words spoken amidst sorrow
I share for you to speak today.

O. Stephen Peart. 2021 © All rights reserved

About this Poem
Did you remember the last words you said? Or what were the last words shared with you? How did that make you feel? Would you repeat them again? Words do make a difference. Let your words bring life.

2 thoughts on “Words In Existence

  1. Why is it hard for some to express in words and others words flow so naturally? Is it practice and education or a holy spirit that guides some more than others in the way they communicate? I hope I can have and pursue all three daily all the days of my life.

    1. Diana, thank you for sharing. We’d be happy to help you with that. Send us a message in our contact us and we will work with you in getting you to writing your words into existence. – The Released Expressions Team.

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