Did you hear the bells of the lilly
or the popping of the trees
as life through the breaking
shouts of joy their singing.
The opening trumpets flowering
fighting through the frosty days
the freshness of the air surrounding
the gusting thunder taking us into May.

In coming are the migrants
flocking across the sky
in unison signaling
the reason of their entrance
to the fresh prize.

Opening eyes are all around us
young and old alike
I hear the blood rushing through my body
to the beat of the spring songs beyond the eyes.

The echo of the tree song,
the flutter of the migrant entrance,
the beacon of hungry babies
the wind sweeping up daisies
the rain preparing smiles for the ladies.

O. Stephen Peart. 2021 © All rights reserved

About this Poem
Spring is such a playful season where all around is awaken. In this piece, it is an indicator of the transitions in the season of Spring, as the orchestra warms up.

Written by : admin

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