Wench cometh thou to this day
for hence I celebrate your renewing
as the double digit temperatures move in
I look to the skies for my new viewing.

The awakening of New Life
and the anticipation
of new colours being added
to the white, brown and grey
that projected our winter days.

I am excited, yes O Spring
I am enthrone to the awakening
that as I sit on the sand by the lake
and watch the sun in its display,
come alive and face a fresh new day
I am excited about you O SPRING.

About this Poem
Season change and in the northern and southern hemisphere we express clearly defined 4 seasons of Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. There however is something special about Spring. Moving from Winter it is an awakening moment. It is the truest representation of new life. From the silences of Winter, Spring sounds a trumpet calling forth new life. It is that call that brings out a new excitement, Life.

Written by : admin

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