It was an age old story
fill with pain, shame and glory
of men and women taken into captivity
brought to a place that inspired their creativity.

Their backs bore the marks of history
shaping the way we live, no mystery
but hidden behind bars of bigotry
a story repeated in tyranny.

They endured the journey across the waters
to live for my tomorrow
what then will I do with their history
but keep running the race to connect our geography.

Today I write the race I’m running in
one mixed with many, yet one people
for beyond the words of my own story
is no different a race, forged in humanity.

Running your race might seem different
but run we do to make a difference
for whatever the disciple of our making
is a race that is ours to stay in.

O. Stephen Peart. 2021 © All rights reserved

About this Poem
Each year in the month of February we get to celebrate Black History Month. This piece while inspired by this month’s celebration, it also is an expression of a reflection into the past and a passion to press into the future.

Written by : admin

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