My words have meaning
every word a solid thought
mingled within its feeling
is a song from the heart.
Sometimes I forget its truest
thoughts expressed each day
that there in the learning
is a word I want to say.
Without searching around me
I bellow the mystery of the mind
that listens to what I am thinking
and places the words from behind.
I want to tell you daily
what it is that is written inside
for there they are accumulating
and ready to burst outside.
Help me then to listen
as we both engage to pray
for two will make a difference
if we only trust and obey.

O. Stephen Peart. 2020 © All rights reserved.

About this Poem
Words are the most precious emblem to the human spirit. They sharp our thinking and give us meaning. Without listening, they are alone. So this piece seeks to awaken the importance of both. My Words is a production of Released Expressions.

Written by : admin

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