It was 10pm when I went to sleep. Slowly I drifted off into a world beyond belief. I wondered where I was and what I was seeing, how was I to feel in this moment of living.

I sat by the lake to see a line, across the waves that moved in time. A top the line the sun revealed, all the places around the screen. I listened as the birds would beckon, to each other their songs a record. The wind would float across the waves as the song ashore the dance display.

There was I sitting to see the beauty of all my eyes could see.  Awaken was I told world around, for there was missing a song of love.

I only imagined what would it be, in a moment of true belief, that the picture painted before me now was but a waiting to be filled with love.

As I gazed across the span, in the cover of the view a glimpse of a dove, strolling by without a doubt, the mystery of my new found love.

I turned to see that which caught my eye and knew in that moment you were my heart’s cry, to fill the picture that I often would see, missing the glimpse of the one to be. I saw your smile radiant and free as you strut across the aisle to see; all that was taken in the view and trees, were across the lake the waves so fee.

I want to say a word to you and open my mouth to breath it true, that all around was a fine work of art but you my love was forever my heart.

The sparkle shined as the sun met your eyes and the kiss of the wind helped me realize, that this moment will forever be, the one that will hold you and me.

The figure was no longer a form but a reminder of the long heart’s call, for love’s reminder that there will be an angel watching over you and me. Yes a dream it was, to see you smile,  there before me and no longer behind. For however long this journey’s end, I’ll come again to see, the lake awaits of the dream to be.

O. Stephen Peart. 2020 © All rights reserved.

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