When was the last time you touched someone? Not just touched them like placing your hand on their shoulder or shaking their hand, but really touching the essence of their being.  At the start of the pandemic, I saw an abnormal social behaviour permeate through our daily lives. A behaviour driven by fear and the unknown.

This behaviour taught me two things about life and one I seek to hold firm

Life is fragile, appreciate every moment of it.
Nature is our example, listen to it and learn.
Touch enhances our humanity, beyond what we can imagine.

Here’s a piece inspired by life, nature and touch.

Drifting across the sky
crystals uniquely disguised
covering lofty streams
yet falling to the knees.
The silent whisper
flooding the sky above
dancing through space
like a gentle dove.
If there was a moment
it is now
to touch a life
without a glove.

For the naked bliss
of the crystal flakes
is the touch of the skin
a touch that will never be erased.

O. Stephen Peart. 2020 © All rights reserved.

About this Poem
Nature has a way of creating its own cover. Yet, it remains open to touch.  Experiencing a global pandemic that forced human beings to cover up and individuals fearful of touching another human being, this piece brings a sense of renewal into the meaning of life.

Written by : admin

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