It was 6:53am and there I was laying in bed
the sun was not yet out
the ticking of the clock, playing in my head;
the silence was certainly not absent
and the air was dry
but something was missing
something more than what filled the sky.
As I thought I was outdoors
when in fact I was inside,
There certainly was a story
as I open up  my eyes.
There on the bed beside me
was the biggest surprise
a number with a message
to call for my kidney had arrived.

O. Stephen Peart. 2020 © All rights reserved.

About this Poem
After more than 9 years of dialysis treatment, the news came. This piece was inspired by a prompt to write on an expected gift and recalling the moment my friend called to let me know he had a successful kidney transplant. It was a moving moment for me when he shared his story. That story is edged in my mind as it gives me an opportunity to be thankful.

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