I hear the voices of hate
I see the eyes abated
to the sense of humanity
wrapped up in their own judgement
trapped to the sense of criminality.
Defining the lives of others
dictating through fear and lies
I hear the voices of hate
crafted behind the cover of fate.

I hear the voices of compassion
I see the eyes of others
burning with the will to survive
amidst the hatred and strife.

Recognizing that humanity
strives to hold society
gripped to criminal lower scale
while the upper takes its claim.

I hear the voices shouting
and wonder if anyone is listening
for today there are unfolding stories
to replace tomorrow’s history.

O. Stephen Peart. 2020 © All rights reserved

Motivation for this Poem
Growing up in the 80s on an island that voiced “Out of Many, One People” and knowing that God had blessed our land, made me ponder that of others. As I saw reports of injustice against the South African people, I wondered why. Then no country would come to their aid as in their own land an alien had invade. Yet to this day, I still hear those voices, pleading for their lives. Another generation is coming up and what will their be for them to say?

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