Beaten by the crashing wave
As in an increasing crescendo
They come pouring in
Breathing for a moment
Before it comes again
Will it ever end?

There seem to be more questions
Than answers
From one stage to another
There are more crashing waves
coming in, which makes you wonder.

Crashing waves, signs of days,
gripping through, every space
there are days, it will be gray
but soon crashing waves
will only be calm again.

O. Stephen Peart. 2020 © All rights reserved

Motivation for this Poem
The metaphor of crashing waves is used here to depict those moments in time when you feel beaten down and it seems like it will never end. Sometimes the wave only last for a couple hours, or days. When they came seem to stop, then the mind starts wondering when. Coping through continuous waves can be a challenging journey to be on. Rest assured that it will end. Just don’t allow the waves to knock you down.

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