Are they talking to each other
or just barking without a bother
to what’s happening around us
only creating more and more fuss.

Where are our leaders? Who living the cause? What are we doing to prepare other leaders? When will to course correct on what we are doing? Why? Why?

We have become amazing with implementing rules and more rules. Policies and more policies. The call for police and more police. The cry for law and order. The righteous attacks and the barking of dogs. Is it every effective?

Here are 3 things to consider to grow and develop a united front.

  1. Listen and Acknowledge.
  2. Take Ownership and Turn.
  3. Share and Encourage Others.

If you decided to Bark, make sure you are all barking in tune and unison. There is an amazing song to be sung in that.

Written by : admin

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