They say it is the pass
they say stop talking about it
they say it no longer exist
they say.

They say, lots have changed
they say, you are in a better place
they say, you are too
they say.

They say, why are you complaining
they say, what are you saying
they say, all that is your dreaming
they say.

They say, I don’t believe you
they say, you are a criminal
they say, you called this upon yourself
they say.

They say, you have to comply
they say, you are only telling lies
they say, all lives matter
they say.

You sure have a lot to say
and in all your saying
nothing of substance.

O. Stephen Peart. 2020 © All rights reserved

Motivation for this Poem
I’ve seen a number of people crying and have heard their pain. Amidst them calling out for help and no one listening. Then I keep hearing and seeing all the messages, seeking to silence the hurting. It got me wondering about what they are saying. They say is a reflection on what they say.

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