As I sat behind my computer and signed into the meeting, I was attentive for the next hour and 30 minutes. The meeting started but it was not an ordinary one. Everything was in reverse order. The theme, it was chaos.

As we moved from the last agenda item and made our way up to the top, I observed as each participate engaged. It was something different and out of the ordinary. As I watched and listened, it made me realize that even chaotic moments have lessons for us to learn. The 3 key lessons I gathered from that moment where, Embrace, Engage, Extend.

Embrace something different, even if it is chaotic. There are always lessons in the midst if you stop thinking about the chaos and focus on the pathos. The fact is, there is something we can always takeaway. In the meeting, I observed as the person in charge maintained their composure and remained calm. They kept pressing through the agenda and inspiring the audience to do the same. They had embraced the process way before it all started. That simple quality allowed them to get through the meeting and also give them the ability to carry us through. While not everyone might have understood the chaos, when the leader stands resolute, eventually others will understand.

Engage is a tough one. How can you engage in a situation of chaos? Well, you might be able to come up with a number of answers to that. One such is following the lead of the leader. Some of it might not make sense but if you trust the leader, it will eventually make sense. I had my presentation to make, and it was way from the norm. However, what I learnt from engaging in my role was creativity. It is that one piece that helps us through moments of chaos.

Extend is the way for us to celebrate the achievements of others. Getting through situations that are not normal means recognizing the efforts of others that made it possible.

When we do all three, then you will remember how to spell chaos. After all, it is not a normal word. You think?

With a pandemic, racial and social injustice brought to light, it all seems chaotic. However, what are you doing in the chaos?

Amidst the passing of scripture
and arguing with each other
there goes another soul
broken, ignored and untold.
– O. Stephen Peart

Let’s spell Chaos together!


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