I remember his laughter
that filled the room
I remember his passion
for the people too
I remember his patience
to listen and his truth
I remember his simple words
a pure heart that renewed.

He was ever faithful
to the duties he pursued
diligent, yet not consumed
equal, his way for all to show
for special they all were to know.

I remember all he was
and the example he left
from greeting neighbors
welcoming strangers
talking, laughing, listening
making everyone feel special.
He was a humble man
and a man he was.

O. Stephen Peart. 2020 © All rights reserved

Motivation for this Poem
This piece is dedicated to the life of my uncle who lost his life from a fall resulting in irreversible head injuries.


It is easy to demonize an individual rather than getting to know their story. To call them a name from your own perspective rather than that from them. So we seek to create names rather than create an understanding. Let’s flip that and start getting to know someone’s story. My uncle taught me the importance of treating people has people and not as points to progress your position.

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