The months of July and August are significant for me. They are the months of change. These two months have represented death and life. Two things we all have to grapple with. For some we celebrate the birth of a child. Then there are some that are devastated at this new life. There are some that celebrate the life of someone that has passed and then there are some of us that mourn.

Two realities we all face in our lives. What seemingly should be a joyous moment for one person can be a sad moment for another.

Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits.
Proverbs 18:21

31 years ago I lost my dad. He was my world and the one I sorted for guidance. His passing was devastating to say the least. As I grappled with that reality, I was caught in two worlds. Why did he have to go so soon, and the other, I didn’t want to see him suffer anymore. I still miss my dad to this day but I choose to celebrate his life by living out his legacy. His physical life might have ended but deep in my heart I carry on that light he represented.

Life is the choice and to love its fruit is to see others.

On this #WriteWednesday, I challenge you to stop to think about death and life and which do you choose. Here are two pieces that are inspired by the legacy and life of my father (Time Reveals) and the words he often shared with me and others, that for us to challenge and question ourselves (The Words I Say).

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  1. Maxine Jones August 25, 2020 at 3:21 am - Reply

    Life and death, death and life. Though we understand vaguely what it entails I believe no one will really get it until you have lost a loved one. After 31 years I commend you for speaking so honestly about the very real feelings one goes through even after such a long time. I personally am only 10 months in and my mother was my world.
    The lens I view life and death with has now changed. A few moths ago I would have said it had been tainted, but in reality, I feel it is clearer. I am aware of my mortality now. I look with more intent on how my time is spent. I am trying to make sure I live on purpose now. My mother was here when I laid my head to rest, but by the next afternoon she was gone….life is short. Though we know every man is appointed once to die, it is absolutely never expected…How we live is important and the lessons we learn once we are left behind will determine the rest of days…
    Very good read

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