In school, history was a take
We all had to read the books
The stories unfold to break;
The truth of the images and looks
We were told the side,
We thought was all,
When there was more
and the writing on the wall.

For the parts of the stories untold
Are now beginning to unfold,
As I visit the past
To see the lessons and cast,
For this side of history
Will begin to tell what we did, to be,
For over and over it repeats itself
Under the cover of laws and bread.

Seeking to maintain sovereignty,
While holding back the prosperity,
In school, history was told
To suit the lessons
That maintained a singular fold.

Brought into boardrooms and governance
Dictating the so called benevolent,
Structuring a world with more harm then good
placing lives behind the bars of oppression.

It’s time that we now step in
and rewrite the lessons of our destiny
Steering and caring for lives seeking meaning
Serving and protecting against all evil.
We all share one history
in a world that turns without our doing
for that which was to us given
in turn we seek to keep living.

O. Stephen Peart. 2020 © All rights reserved

Motivation for this Poem
One history is the one story. For years there has been the struggle to hear the complete story that has been excluded from the history books. In order to achieve this, there had to be separate readings of history. The incomplete narrative continues to be told. One History is a challenge to call out and call on the missing pieces as they all constitute One History.

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