#weshallovercome amidst the strife and doubt
There is no sweeter sound
When as a people we stand together on route
And in unison shout
The legacy past on from those
That fought through so that we
Today will live to see.

the echoing song that rings
Gone are the lives
Taken in the mist of time and destiny
At the hands of evil, hate and crime.
And together we will rise.

O. Stephen Peart. 2020 © All rights reserved

Motivation for this Poem
As a child I heard the groans and felt the pain of people hurting. Then one day I heard the singing of the song We Shall Overcome. In the midst of the singing, I heard the message of hope and the fulfillment of a journey. It is the pains of the past, that keeps us pressing forward. It is the lessons passed on that keeps us keeping on. It is the purpose placed in our hearts that allows us to sing, #weshallovercome

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