Deep down inside
Wells the joy that keeps us alive
To sing the songs that bellows
The grief and hurt outside
For ever life that goes
Another will stand to show
That deep down inside
Our devotion is our eternal hope.

From mothers burdened to tears
As their offspring broken without care
And those listed to be
Ponder their part of history
To grown men who I never see
Broken to points of tears
Of all that welled up inside
Is a flood of years and lies.

Deep down inside
Wells the joy that keeps us alive
To sing the songs of victory
Amidst the grief of our history
Where ancestors stood and spoke their peace
Yet in turn their voice remain the same
For way beyond the grave
The bellow that we remain true this day.

There are days of bitter grief
As injustice continue to creep
It’s subtle face we see
As others deny in silent disbelief
Yet still the cries for help
As across the lands we send
Word to everyone
Rise up and lend a hand.

Listen to the words we say
And spread the truth wherever you stay
No matter what they do
The joy inside will always be true
For however or where-ever you stand
Know that God holds you in his hand
And He sees all that is done
Every cruel act under the sun.

Take courage this day
Get on your knees and pray
And sing the songs of victory
For there is no mystery
For who we are, we are strong
And given a heart that belong
For deep inside is the joy we live
That no other will be able to sing.

O. Stephen Peart. 2020 © All rights reserved

Motivation for this Poem
Africans and individuals of African decent for hundred of years have lived and continue to live lives oppressed and suppressed by individuals. The claim has been for financial, economical and or race superiority at the expense of dehumanizing tactics and inflammatory accusations. Deep down inside is a reminder that we are a strong people and while the minority seek to disenfranchise, we have a jewel greater that cannot be taken.

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