It’s dark again,
the sun is gone
It’s dark again,
the night befalls
Another day ends
A new one becomes
It’s dark again
What will be the call?

We fought the tears
Of yet another fall
While insensitivity riots
with attempts to destroy
this time the cause is strong
and the people across the land
will no longer stand
to a system designed
for the elite and those
who see themselves better than others.

Will it be this dark again?
“not on my shift”
they said,
as united we stand
to renew the call
I have a dream
for one and all.
There is never a day
like this to be
when the people rise up
to brutality.

O. Stephen Peart. 2020 © All rights reserved

Motivation behind this Poem
George Floyd didn’t know what his tomorrow would been. However I heard he wanted to change the world. He probably saw his impact on a basketball court or in some form of sport, but never from knees and those entrusted to keep us safe. While individuals appalled by such behaviour, took to the streets to speak to the failure and stood with the family, others spoke their words of insensitivity. It is to that audience we now say, your time is up and the knee you have been placing on our necks is no more. The only knee that now exist, is the one in surrender to our mortality. As in humility we all reveal, that Christ our Saviour lives in you and me. It will no longer be this Dark Again.

When darkness seem to overcome us, we shade light with our love. 

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