Screens, voices
staring eyes.
screens, voices
images, videos
passing postings
are these the new
people around me?

Where are the hugs
the handshakes
the touch of appreciation
the face to face
the social gathering
while we eat together
and taste the flavours
from the inspiration of our creations
so close yet so a part
screens, voices
seemly the norm?

The people around
are all but in a virtual space
sealed in the images
we have created
to see, speak, listen
yet missing the
two invaluable
senses of the
human space
no matter what I say
see or hear
they can never
be replaced.

Behind this Poem
Who are the people in your life? Are there any people in your life? Isolation can bring a mirage of expressions to the surface. One such is the value of the 5 senses. In the human experience we have learned to adapt when one sense is not available to us. A global pandemic forcing physical distancing has brought forward one sense that has tested our ability as social beings. This reflective piece challenges us to ponder who you are and how do you express when a part.

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