At the start of the year 2 things perked my curiosity and was on my mind. Then there was 1 thing that kept me grounded.

Those 2 things? It is a leap year and what will happen this year. Without realizing, the tsunami had already started and this time the wave was about to hit the entire world. Was I prepared for this. At first no, but once the waves started coming in my direction I realize that I had to respond with what I have. Like so many we often default to protecting ourselves and saving our own lives not stopping to think about others.

The waves are still hitting and it will be long after before we see the seas calming. While we go through all this, it has helped me to realize the real value of the people in our lives. This morning I connected with the Released Expressions Team and then a couple individuals. The flood of inspiration was just phenomenal. When we surround ourselves with quality people, extraordinary things happen.

Following these meetings, I decided to share a couple thoughts for us to consider. The thoughts share are my own and are in no particular order. You are not compelled to agree or disagree. Simply in return share your thoughts.

1. Find your own voice and share YOUR thoughts

2. Listen and be attentive

3. Physical Distance might be necessary but remember we are social beings

4. Victims need help so do offenders. Hurting people hurt people.

5. We are all in this together. Recognize the other person.

6. What you don’t know can create anxiety. What you know will create hope and dispel fear. Choose.

7. Introverts and extroverts deal with social connections differently.

8. Prolong Isolation is never a healthy thing.

9. In everything give thanks. #1T518

10. Rejoice always

11. Pray continually

12. Silence is a period to listen

13. Grow during time of adversity. It is the struggle that builds muscles.

14. Be quick to listen, slow to speak.

15. Guard what you listen to.

16. Our words can give life or death. #SpeakLife

17. There will be a day when you will share your story

18. The pass was yesterday. Remember the lesson and share the story. Just don’t repeat the actions.

19. Going through means going. If you find yourself stopping call for help. If you are slowing down, tell someone else.

20. Mental health is more important than physical health.

21. Prepare today for what you will place on the table tomorrow.

I hope one of these 21 thoughts resonates with you. You can note one and expound on it but please share yours and let’s spread some good cheers.

Bonus. There is enough bad news in the media. If we all stop listening to it can you imagine what would change?

By the way, the 1 thing that keeps me calm? Next Thursday I will share that with you here and on our LinkedIn page.


O. Stephen is passionate about words and believes that words can Inspire Change, Connect People, Perspectives and their Stories to create new possibilities. A published author and founder for Released Expressions Publishing, he writes daily to experience the power of the written word. He fosters growth through listening and learning to shape perspectives and bridging ideas.

He believes every individual can attain their full potential by Starting with a Word. O. Stephen is leading a movement to inspire people to Release their own Expressions. It is this vision that drives him daily to see others realize their superpower and deliver at work, home and play every day.

An avid Toastmaster and a member of the Toronto Writer’s Collective (TWC), O. Stephen carries his badge as a Mental Health Advocate. These offer him the motivation to stay grounded and be committed to serving the community. He is a dad to two (2) amazing girls. He is driven each day to live a life of gratitude and that’s just how he seeks to end each chapter. #1T518

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A response to through going to isolation

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  1. Kelisa May 14, 2020 at 9:57 pm - Reply

    My share

    1. This too will pass. It is just for a moment.
    2. Human beings are more resilient than they realize.
    3. It is in moments of crisis than we get to know ourselves more.
    4. Let’s not wait for a crisis to slow down.
    5. Everyday is a new normal.
    6. Be okay with change, with changing.
    7. At some point in our lives we did something that we will never do again, and we are still here, and still okay.
    8. Live each day as though there is not another.
    9. Don’t take yourself so serious
    10. Give yourself a break. There are enough things in life that would want to break you.
    11. Walk with your head up and remember that common courtesy still exists. Look people in the eye and simply say hi.
    12. With the extra time due to the restricted movements, exercise, eat health, take care of you.
    13. The need to be affirmed is not a weakness. It is simply a language that tells you you are loved.
    14. See the positive in this crisis.
    15. Character is built in challenging times, well it should. Up to you.
    16. Simply love yourself and love others
    17. Listen to your thoughts and what comes from your mouth, do you like what you hear?
    18. After death then…? Absent from the body. Present?
    19. Maybe we need to rethink death. Life is uncertain. Death is sure.
    20. Don’t believe everything you hear or even see. Get the facts first before jumping to any conclusions.
    21. Just appreciate everything and stop complaining.

    • admin May 14, 2020 at 11:03 pm - Reply

      Wow.. love the list. Totally on number 21.

  2. Tanisha May 14, 2020 at 11:48 pm - Reply

    Great Reflections
    1. I learnt to make my house a home
    2. Use my relationship with God to settle uncertainty and anxiety
    3. Freedom is not just a physical state of being but also a mental state of being
    4. Time to fix and work on things that you didnt have time to work..could be physical or spiritual
    5. I learnt not to listen to everybody’s opinion
    6. Lean on God for protection
    7. Important to spend time with my children and be present
    8. Relax and be content
    9. Greatful for the blessings in my life
    10. Thankful for God’s provision where I am not in want but in a place of abundance
    11. Not to be wasteful but to be dilligent with what I have
    12. Whatsapp is a very useful tool to keep in touch with love ones and friends
    13. Block out noises and reject messages that bring fear and anxiety
    14. Important to have a solid relationship with my husband as an artificial one wont last in the time of crisis
    15. The sunshine and warmth outside is critical to my wanting to be outside
    16. Who my real friends are
    17. Not having to commute to work is critical to my productivity
    18. People can be really selfish and self centred even at a time of crisis
    19. Being black during a crisis does not make you less vulnerable to injustice and discrimination
    20. The earth will treat humans the way humans treat the earth
    21. We will reap what we sow so be careful of the seed you are sowing

    • admin May 15, 2020 at 3:54 pm - Reply

      Thank you for sharing your list. Particularly love #3. Excellent reflections. So much to be thankful for.

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