I was like the sunshine
that burst through my open door
I was like the silence
that filled the ground.
I was awaken to feel
all that was inside,
and sing I did
as I felt the breath sliding in
as if awaken from the dark.
I am alive with open eyes
blood thirsty veins
strengthening ties
Moving from
a state of rest
into this new bliss
I ponder the test.
I feel the rays
lightening my days
ready to play
nothing to say
I was like the sunshine
brighten my way
will you be like my sunshine too?

O. Stephen Peart. 2020 © All rights reserved

Motivation for the Poem
The sun at 150.73 million km a way from the earth still has an amazing impact on us. It is the key source of life but can also be the damaging source. With the rotation of the earth around the sun and on it’s axis, it creates a balance of night and day. However, when the night is done, we look forward to the sun. Sunshine is part of the Speak Life Series. A production of Released Expressions.

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