Colour me GREEN
Then start adding
Start the dance in the sun
Get dressed
Let’s spring in love.
Open your embrace
Spread to the welcoming gaze
Fill the empty space
And rise from your sleep
Colour me green
Let me see the trees
Bloom Me Spring.

O. Stephen Peart. 2020 © All rights reserved

The Inspiration for this Poem
Looking forward to spring is like waking up every morning to a new day. The image taken by Teresa Tagliacozzo (aka LoveTree), a Photographer in Toronto, awakens the senses to help us realize the intricate details that fills the air and our space in spring. The image opens the eyes to capture the colour, the warmth, the water droplet, the birth of new life. Will you too be drawn out of your shell and bloom. Bloom Me Spring is part of the Speak Life Series. A production of Released Expressions.

Written by : admin

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One Comment

  1. admin April 29, 2020 at 4:55 pm - Reply

    Originality is embedded in our connectivity to each other and the recognition of our ability to uncover our individual super power. This morning I saw this image shared by a friend and it awoken in me a piece which I am now sharing with you. Here’s the amazing thing about this. She took the time to take her camera on a walk and took this picture. Then took the time to post it to share with others. Now those few steps and intention just made a difference in my life. At a time as this, it is so easy to talk about the pandemic. However, there is so much more happening around us that we forget to take note of. Don’t miss out on the Bloom. Uncover your super power.

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