Where cometh thou hence
Spreading yet canst I but be
Surrounded at every part of the earth
The enemy I canst but see.
A name is all I know
Your touch cutting the flow
of life from victim after victim
And yet I can’t but be.
I can’t see, while
you keep moving through
Places, people,
you have no preference.
Crossing the paths
Leaving your unlimited tracing marks.
Many seek points of reference
To fight the enemy we can’t see.
Calling for distance,
Washing hands
In hope it will make a difference.
When will it be
Will we ever see
What says thee to this
That there is an enemy
But the enemy I can’t see.


O. Stephen Peart. 2020 © All rights reserved

About this Poem

It is through knowledge that we are able to tackle the challenges we face. Without knowledge and the wisdom to be able to apply it, the challenge can be overwhelming. Our solution is to seek out knowledge. When that knowledge is limited, what then do we do?  Recognizing that we are limited beings?  Recognizing our frailty. There is only one answer. On our knees. The Enemy I Can’t See is part of the Speak Life Series. A Production of Released Expressions.


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