I can see the wind

I can hear it sing

I can feel its strength

moving along at will.

In circles surrounding

The open spaces too

I can see the wind

Blowing across the plain and through.

It is this invisible element

That has its way

Taking the unstable

But for the firm

We will not regress

Standing and pushing through

I can see the wind

I can see my feet.

I will find my way.

Let it pass, let it be free

pushing, pulling it will not take me

for firmly down I plant my feet

I see the wind,

I see you

I will be true

I will be free.

O. Stephen Peart. 2020 © All rights reserved

About this Poem

I can see the Wind is intended to blow through our thoughts the imagery of the wind and how powerful an element can be to displace all that is around us. it is therefore important that we secure ourselves and not allow the wind to blow us away. I can see the Wind is part of the of the Speak Life Series. A production of Released Expressions.


O. Stephen is passionate about words and believes that words can Inspire Change, Connect People, Perspectives and their Stories to create new possibilities. A published author and founder for Released Expressions Publishing, he writes daily to experience the power of the written word. He fosters growth through listening and learning to shape perspectives and bridging ideas.

He believes every individual can attain their full potential by Starting with a Word. O. Stephen is leading a movement to inspire people to Release their own Expressions. It is this vision that drives him daily to see others realize their superpower and deliver at work, home and play every day.

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