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The David Solomon Writers

A co-founding member and key mentoring partner shaping writers by giving them the tools and confidence to realize their individual purpose. We help form the foundation of the group and provide continuedRead More...

The Last Write

The Last Write is a series of poems in response to the state of social isolation. All pieces where written in the month of April recognized as National Poetry Month. The piecesRead More...

Released Expressions: the journey begins

Our moods affect the way we perceive things and how we relate to situations. Released Expressions creates an atmosphere that releases inner feelings that provides inspiration, direction, relaxation, imagination and vision.

Get Published in 90 Days

Is that book struck in your head?  Or have you started writing and do not know what’s next?  The team at Released Expressions can help. We provide an end to end solutionRead More...
The poems are thought provoking yet inspirational.Rosemarie Palmer,
You are that rare combination of humanitarian, intellect and visionary.Jacqui HenryCo-Founder, David Solomon Writers
You captured the essence of your surroundings and what's going on. You are very observant and purposeful in what you do and how you live.Andrea Cornwall,
I am grateful to the author for this book. It was a great refresher and the poems it contains were thought provoking and dripping with emotion. I have been again challenged to take my thoughts and write them to paper. Hopefully, one day I will also have a published piece as magnificent as this one. Unknown,
I started to read Released Expressions and I find that this book is really inspirational and speaks to you about life's challenges. We are here for a short time until we go home with the Lord. What God wants from us is to do our very best and obey him through the difficult times and not forget him through the good times. We are all creating our way and I believe what we do here on earth will reflect in heaven. I would highly encourage everyone to buy this book and keep reading it as a page jumped out at me giving me direction. I feel that God has inspired Stephen to write this book and I hope that you have the same effect that I did.Kris Sirlov,
I like the way you write. From what I've read, a lot of it is simply put, but it can be very deep. It's very different from the way I write. And I like how you can write about pretty much everything from the colours of the leaves to things that are happening in the world. You write so simply and honestly and I think that's what makes it easy to connect with them. I admire how you can be inspired to write from the every day things, even if its only 8 lines.Kate-Lynn Hope,
Imagine all that you have always wanted to say was only waiting to be released. It all started here for us. Follow our stories, thoughts and inspirational poetry.

Live in Your Skins

Stripe me of the layers of insecurity as I move through the changing of time unwrap my mind to see beyond the entrapment of the subtle designs break free from the hollowRead More...
By : admin | Jun 30, 2021

How to Simplify Your Goal to Get What You Want

Have you ever had to write a SMART Goal? Was it smart? Or can I say, was it easy? I’ve written a couple of SMART goals over the years but the wayRead More...
By : admin | Jun 25, 2021

Getting to Know You | I am a Sigma Male

Many of us go through life searching for answers. Who am I? Why am I here? What can I do to make a difference? Do I offer value to others? If thisRead More...
By : admin | Jun 18, 2021

How One Leap Led to Another

Today I celebrate my 2nd Anniversary in Toastmasters. I remember when I took the leap and visited Brampton Alpha Toastmasters on June 4, 2019. It was an invigorating experience that lead meRead More...
By : admin | Jun 11, 2021

1609: The Experience on the Edge

The illusion of a drop point as ceiling to floor the view enchanting a pull to look down blocked by the transparent barrier. In the distant, the sunset said, “goodbye” and thereRead More...
By : admin | Jun 10, 2021

I Will

There I will affirm therein my words will live for what was said behind I will leave to find that which was a path of lies now words of life for IRead More...
By : admin | Jun 4, 2021